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Gzhel Figurines

Just to know more about Gzhel
High-quality Gzhel's clay has formed the base for wide development of porcelain manufacture, which has appeared at the land of Gzhel in the 4th century B.C. Since then, centuries have passed, and skills were improved. Since the moment of the first documentary certificate in the spiritual letter of Grand duke Ivan Kalita in 1339, Gzhel became the center of ceramic manufacture in Russia and the supplier of the Imperial Court yard.
Nowadays Gzhel is the basic center of Russian highly artistic ceramics; the best centuries-old traditions of Russian art and craft are generated and have the reflection in the masterpieces of it.
Thats the explanation of the uniqueness of each produced item of Gzhel.
That means, that there is no even 2 similar items of Gzhel manufacture, they are always different with the shape, decoration, picture, because its done handmade.

Few features of Original Gzhel:
All porcelain Gzhel items are hand painted; the glaze is put atop of the painting, thanks to that painting is never lose color or erase.
In case of using Gold color in hand painting of Gzhel item - there is the real Gold used to paint.
Each item of Gzhel is necessarily marked with the manufactures stamp and, if it is the authors work, with the authors signature - on the bottom of item.
In case of handcraft - thats also reflected by the sign and signature on the bottom.
The smallest figurines can be without this stamp because of less of space to put.

There are a lot fake Gzhel items, which are produced out of the original technology and as the result have:
the paint fades;
the cracks appears;
if it has gold color - it is just yellow paint, but not real Gold, how it supposed to be;
absence of the manufactures stamp (for now, there are only 5 factories, producing Gzhel porcelain.