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Botik of Peter the Great card model kit

Botik of Peter the Great card model kit

Level of complexity: middle
Dimensions: 190 x 148 mm
Quantity of details: 24
Pack: card box 250 x 180 mm
Manufacturer: Clever Paper, Russia
Weight: 0,25 kg

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Categories: Medieval Town Ships Clever Paper publishing house

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Card model kit Botik of Peter the Great (St. Nicholas).

The Botik of Peter the Great (also called St. Nicholas) is a miniaturized scaled-down warship discovered by Peter the Great at the Royal Izmaylovo Estate in 1688. It was restored by Karshten Brandt, and Peter learned to sail using the boat on waters near Moscow. It was stored in the Kremlin of Moscow by Peter and later enshrined in St. Petersburg. Peter continued to use it in state ceremonies and ordered that the boat be sailed down the Neva River on 30 August of every year. It was used in state ceremonies of later Russian monarchs, including the wedding of Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia, as well as the centennial celebration of St. Petersburg. Catherine built a boathouse in the 1760s to store it. The boat became less important under Soviet rule, along with other objects from the Russian Empire; however, patriotism during the outbreak of the Second World War led to a renewal of the importance of Peter the Great and the botik along with him. The boat was moved by the Soviets to the Central Naval Museum where it remains today. In 1997, the boat left Russia for the first time to be displayed at the World Financial Center.

Building instructions you will find in pictures.
Hard, solid binder board brings to this kit new quality - easy and pleasant to build. It has sweet "click" sound while building, and when you played enough with it you can easily pack it into some bag until you need it again. Average ages: 3 - 12 y.o., but actually no limits to be a fan of.
The scale for this cardboard kit was chosen specially for convenience. It is fine for the children. The small details are not too small, and large - not too large.
The principle of splicing the details is covered by the patents. All the splices are calculated the way that in case of correct constructing the kit, it is possible to play with the toy like it was factory done. There are special modern glossy lacquers used in the decoration. The process of assembling this toy is highly developing the spatial abilities and hands motility, teaching how to solve the problem with the help of imagination. Material: binder board.






Only for children after 3 Years Old!
The KIT consists SHARP Toothpick (for extruding the small details)!

One of the main principles of the Russian company “Clever Paper” - DO BOTH ENTERTAIN AND DEVELOP IN THE SAME TIME! The self developing of your kid is easy by entertaining with these toys! The model kits and toys, developmental games and 3D-puzzles, created by the know-how technology of “Clever Paper” contribute the strengthening of the family value, the organization of interesting and healthy leisure, the consolidation of mutual understanding inside the family.

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