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Model Ship Plan russian gunboat Khrabry

In stock: yes
Weight: 120 g
Model Ship Plan Russian Gunboat KHRABRY

Model Ship Plan Russian Gunboat KHRABRY

The model plan for Russian Gunboat Khrabry

Country: Russia, 1897
Scale of plan: 1:100
Scale of details: 1:50: 1:25
Quantity of sheets: 9 (A3 format)(11,7x16,5)
(these plans are made according to 1917)

Produced by the publishing house Private Military Historical Archives.

Nowadays the publishing house Private Military Historical Archives is the only one in Russian Federation that issues the ship drawing plans. All the plans are absolutely unique and authentic; they are not reproduced by anyone in the world. These plans are made by the technology of computer retrospective method based on the real Russian State Navy Archives materials.
There are no doubts that these plans will be useful and attractive for those, who are interesting in history, the specific information about Russian ships and also for ship models builders because you can build the REAL ship using these materials.
All the plans are issued in A3 format albums.

This armoured gunboat was produced in 1897 and was under the arsenal of Baltic Navy. In 1914 she was rearmed. During the WWI this boat participate in defense of Riga Gulf. After the end of this State war she was used as the training boat; in 1922 it was renamed for Krasnoe znamya. During the WWII Great Patriotic War she defended the Gulf of Finland and Leningrad.
At November 16, 1942 she was drawn by the Finnish boats in the places near Lavensary.
She was raised up in 1943 and after the total repair in 1944, she has started to work again.
Only in 1960 the gunboat Khrabry was excluded from Navy.

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